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Lead Generation
Customer Support
Appointment booking

BharatBot Power-packed WhatsApp Business API Features

Create a complete marketing funnel for your business. Create an end to end all in one customer experience for your WhatsApp customers with the help of whatsapp automation.
Automated Workflows

Create event-based workflows on WhatsApp to guide your customers through various processes like appointment booking, new registrations, etc.

Shared Team Inbox

Experience real-time collaboration among teams with Interakt’s Shared team Inbox, one number, multiple users.

Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts
Set up one-time or recurring campaigns and share personalized, automated alerts to customers.
Alerts & Push Notification
Keep your customers in the loop by sending alerts and push notifications. Super simple stuff, isn’t it!
Customer Retargeting
Retarget the customers who haven’t purchased their cart items simply with our WhatsApp automations.
Customer Segmentation
Segregate customers based on their demographics, purchasing habits or any criteria that you’d want. Import customer segments and run custom campaigns for the same with Whatsapp automation.
Import Existing Contacts

BharatBot is completely compatible with your existing tools and facilitates the importing of existing customers from WhatsApp through our whatsapp automation solution

WhatsApp Chatbot for your Sales Team

Make selling as easy as it can get with WhatsApp automation


Who said getting leads has to be super boring. Enjoy quality conversations with your customer and peer into their expectations to get great leads.
Use targeted marketing to convert visitors into customers, traffic into revenue and the awesome part is, you can still talk shop with your normal conversations.
You can now share product or service catalog in a jiffy on WhatsApp. Increase receptions and decrease spam!
Live chat on WhatsApp to create an immediate engagement with the lead and help them complete their customer journey.

Keep your customers even closer with our all in one inbox, aka the unified inbox. Receive messages across all platforms, in just one inbox. Give your sales team the boost they need!


WhatsApp Chatbot for Customer Support

Make Customer Support like a walk in the park


Teach BharatBot the tricks of the trade and top it off with some FAQs.

Grants you a special ability to send attachments. Gone are the days when files were to be uploaded somewhere else.
Stay issue free like a bee. Your customers can be kept informed of issues and nuances through WhatsApp. It is simply that easy!
Create dynamic, keyword based chat flows that trigger different chat flows with different keywords.
Take your E-commerce to new heights with our sleek whatsapp automations.

Talk shop with WhatsApp

✅ Send Product Catalog
✅ Cart Management
✅ Collect Orders
✅ Collect Payments

How has WhatsApp Automation changed the game?

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Average growth in conversions on marketing campaigns
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Open rate for notifications and promotions on WhatsApp
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Average spike in resolved queries with WhatsApp automation
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Higher count of leads captured with WhatsApp chatbots

Trusted by 10,000+ Fast-growing SMBs Across Different Verticles

“Since day one, working with BharatBot has been extremely smooth for us, it fully integrates with Shopify hence any customer who creates any transaction on our website gets instant communication on WhatsApp.”‍


                         Yash Bhanage

                           Founder & COO

“Since onboarding, the customer service team at BharatBot has been fabulous with addressing all our initial queries. They remain accessible to us which makes them a great partner in our journey.”‍



                               Tejal Bhalla

                                ( Founder) 

“Our support team was able to resolve 1.5X more customer queries with Interakt’s Team Inbox for WhatsApp.”







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  • Boost your Revenue up to 2 x with Bharatbot re-engaging with your clients
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