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Omnichannel Inbox

BharatBot is ultra cool with presence on multiple platforms and works tirelessly 24/7 to keep your customers happy. It can engage your clients in conversations as if a person would. You also get widgets to help you redirect customers to your website or any page of your choice

Conversational Landing Page
Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Whatsapp Chatbot
Telegram Chatbot
Chatbot for your website

BharatBot to the infinity and beyond!

Create easy chat flows with Drag and Drop Chatbot Builder.

Not a coder? No problem, we do it in “no code” style.

Bored of basic, lackluster templates? We don’t do that here! Use fun, engaging ready to use Chat flow templates at your disposal

Unified Chat Inbox and Live Chat

Be available for your customers 24×7, anytime, anywhere. Be it whatsapp or facebook or your website, we got it all!
Unified Chat Inbox
Recieve all your customer questions and visitor queries in a one simple, easy to use console.
Rich Media options
Let your users enjoy an experience of a lifetime with the help of GIFs, emojis or images.
Typing indicator
We are not gods but our typing indicator isn’t less than that.Know what your customers are typing and know their intent.
Human handover and Bot Handover
Shift hands smoothly as per business requirement. Play a reverse uno card with bot and agent as per the situation demands.
Visitor list and details
Enrich your customer data by collecting all visitor details : Manage and enrich your subscriber/customer listenrich your customer data by collecting all visitor details
Saved Replies

Save phrases used extensively to eliminate repetition We got you a tonne of saved replies to save you and your customer’s time!

Teams’ availability

Create effective time slots for your teams to have better chat routing, deciding how the support flows.

User Insights

Visitor details, Detailed and Unified profile: Gain a richer user insight with our chatbot solution for visitor details and create a unified profile for easy marketing campaigns.


Gather customer satisfaction rating at the end of a conversation. Who doesn’t love ratings! Use this feature to know if a customer was happy with the service provided.

Role based access

Streamline your support further by assigning certain roles to a specific team.

Visitor Status

Showcases if a visitor is online, offline or away

Conversation History to refer

No need to CTRL+H! We offer a conversation history to help you get to the heart of the matter.

Chat routing

Assigns conversations to available agents using chat routing feature.

Assign Notes and Chat Tags

Tag conversations for ease of tracking and sorting. Keep hold of important details using notes. Quite similar to sticky notes, but better.

Intelligent filters

Manage and filter chats using various filters. Apply custom filters to manage chat for ease of access.Manage and filter chats using various filters.Apply custom filters to manage chat for ease of access.

Unified Chat Inbox and Live Chat

Your chatbot, your configurations. Communicate effectively with Your customers in over 20+ languages, receive lead notifications and trigger the chatbot on a certain page or a time. Choose as you wish!


Say goodbye to language barriers. Keep the conversation going in over 20+ languages

Hide chatbot

Keep the chatbot hidden for specific countries and pages of your website, all according to your preferences.

Trigger timer

Decide trigger time for your website chatbot to keep it inline with your customer response

Appointment booking

You can now also schedule appointments like a pro!

Leads on your email

You can acquire email addresses and receive lead notifications by email when someone interacts with BharatBot

Phone or website?

We make it easy for you to help you provide a customized experience for phone and website users separately

BharatBot for All Industries


Create the best marketing campaigns, show products, extend offers, track orders and prolong support. All to take your business to the next level

Send follow-up reminders, book appointments, broadcast offers, keep track of prescriptions by the doctors for faster and easier access to users
Customer Service

Automate your customer service with BharatBot to provide a super satisfying customer experience. You can train BharatBot to send satisfaction surveys after each instance

Tour and Travels

Booking could not be any more convenient with BharatBot. Let your customers book tours and travel effortlessly with easier access to download tickets

Create a better education ecosystem by helping millions of educational institutions by automating admissions, counseling, query resolutions and appointment bookings

Answer policy queries, process faster insurance claims and settlement with our chatbot.



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