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Bharatbot helps you handle all mundane queries and offers a world-class customer service chatbot support automation experience. Use your customer support reps for only the most complex issues. Let BharatBot take care of the rest.

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Most support queries are repetitive, simplistic questions. Use BharatBot intuitive interface to build a world-class base of queries so that the bot can help your customers without a live agent.

-Quickly answer FAQs

-Route complex questions

-Provide 24*7 customer support

-Keep your Answers ready with quick replies

Speak your customer’s language

Localization is a need. BharatBot understands that need and helps you provide a world-class support experience in a language of your customer’s choice. Take support personalization to new heights with BharatBot.

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Conquer any domain you desire by collecting leads, setting up appointments or running drip campaigns to keep the customers engaged. The world is yours!
Create the most effective automated marketing campaigns, display the product, extend the deals, gather quality leads, and provide quality support on WhatsApp or Facebook.
For quicker and simpler access for users, send follow-up reminders, schedule appointments, broadcast offers, and keep track of doctor’s prescriptions on either whatsapp or telegram.
Generate leads and admission queries on both Whatsapp and Facebook. Automate admissions, counseling, query resolutions and appointment bookings.

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