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Be wherever the customers are whilst still being the cost-cutting champion and better time saver than Dr Strange.

Be the boss of broadcasting messages whether it is facebook or whatsapp. Design Bulk message campaigns to send messages at once. Create campaigns that bring you leads like Christmas bearing early.

Reroute your customers through Ads, Facebook button, website, QR code and reference URL to the chat flow of your choice.

Turn visitors into customer - Turn traffic into revenue

Marketing Automation helps you to use targeted marketing to convert visitors into customers, traffic into revenue and the best part is, you’re still conversing as if it were a day to day conversation.

One for all, all for one

Conquer any domain you desire by collecting leads, setting up appointments or running drip campaigns to keep the customers engaged. The world is yours!
Create the most effective automated marketing campaigns, display the product, extend the deals, gather quality leads, and provide quality support on WhatsApp or Facebook.
For quicker and simpler access for users, send follow-up reminders, schedule appointments, broadcast offers, and keep track of doctor’s prescriptions on either whatsapp or telegram.
Generate leads and admission queries on both Whatsapp and Facebook. Automate admissions, counseling, query resolutions and appointment bookings.

60+ Native Chatbot Integrations

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