Make Appointment booking a piece of cake!

Never miss an appointment with Bharatbot appointment Booking Chatbot. Give your users the power to do more whilst actually eating a cake.
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Take the guesswork out of booking appointments

15 seconds. That’s the average time spent on a website. Most customers dislike jumping through pages or shuffling through navigational elements to perform simple tasks such as booking appointments. BharatBot Appointment Booking Chatbot engages customers with a world-class interface that helps them do more from one screen.

Conversational appointments
Boost Revenue
Increase Efficiency
Faster Response Time

Appointment booking automation with Bharatbot

Connect to Google Calendar for direct scheduling. Easy to use – Calendly and Google Calendar integration from one window.
Let customer and you both receive the event on their calendar Carbon copy the event for your customer and yourself. Simple and effective.

Ready? Get Set Available.

Your appointment, your choice.

Duration of appointment

Keep your interviews short and precise with specific time durations.


Time between appointments

You can still enjoy that burrito between appointments by setting a timer in between to avoid hotch-potch.


Number of days and slots that appear

Organize your availability with a number of days and slots.


Close the slots once booked

Keep your schedule clear with better slot management that shows which time slots aren’t in the clear.

One for all, all for one

Conquer any domain you desire by collecting leads, setting up appointments or running drip campaigns to keep the customers engaged. The world is yours!
Create the most effective automated marketing campaigns, display the product, extend the deals, gather quality leads, and provide quality support on WhatsApp or Facebook.
For quicker and simpler access for users, send follow-up reminders, schedule appointments, broadcast offers, and keep track of doctor’s prescriptions on either whatsapp or telegram.
Generate leads and admission queries on both Whatsapp and Facebook. Automate admissions, counseling, query resolutions and appointment bookings.

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